Newsletter Kick-off event tuesday 13th of december 2022

Our Kick-off event on Tuesday 13 December 2022 will be at EnTranCe at the Energy Barn in Groningen.



Datum:                Dinsdag 13 december 2022

Tijd:                     11:00 tot 16:00 uur (inclusief lunch), inloop vanaf 10:30 uur.

Locatie:               Energy Barn, Zernikelaan 17 in Groningen


The Turbine Plays – where the Arts, the Energy sector and Citizens work together

How can public engagement and acceptance be encouraged in the transition from fossil to renewable energy sources, such as wind power? What contribution can creative professionals make in a process of knowledge production about wind energy together with various stakeholders? These are the questions on which the research project ‘The Turbine Plays’ focuses. This 2-year project has been awarded a KIEM grant by Regieorgaan SIA and is a collaboration between Kenniscentrum Kunst & Samenleving and Centre of Expertise Energy, EnTranCe.


Artistic research project

The project The Turbine Plays is an artistic-driven research project, initiated by Frouke Wiarda and further developed in collaboration with Judith van der Elst, in which artists, researchers from the energy sector and citizens work together within energy test site EnTranCe. Gradually, it is being investigated how the creative sector, can play a connecting and innovative role in the approach and knowledge creation around energy issues. Each other’s tools, methods and data are being explored, exchanged and examined to see whether this is also a way to mobilise public support for wind energy in a new, unexpected way.


Instruments for sound, energy and knowledge

The Turbine Plays originated from the idea that artists also use instruments to capture, interpret and communicate data from their surroundings. A wind instrument, for example, is a direct translation of air movements into sounds. Wind instruments can be small-scale like within an orchestra, but can also be used on a landscape scale, to measure and to experience. Visual perceptions, musical experiences and the resulting data can lend a different perspective to the knowledge developed around wind.


Goal is a sustainable future

Together : the aim is to make a positive contribution to an innovative and sustainable future for all. Because the Dutch landscape is constantly changing; wind has always played a defining role in it. The question is how we want to shape it now.